Facility Maintenance Decisions: Leak Repair

April 12, 2024
Brian Gougler's headshot along with the FMD logo

When dealing with a water leak, keeping costs from spiraling and maintaining health and safety standards depends on how quickly technicians can detect, analyze and repair the problem.

As part of a two-part series about leak detection and repair, Facilities Maintenance Decisions sought tips from ESFM Senior Director of Technical Services Brian Gougler on detecting and responding to water leaks in order to mitigate resulting issues.

“Response time is key when addressing water-related issues,” Gougler said. “The longer water remains stagnant or continues to leak from a broken pipe, the greater the potential for additional costs to accumulate. These costs may involve repairing damaged drywall, conducting mold remediation or restoring compromised infrastructure.

“Taking prompt action to rectify these issues is crucial to prevent further damage and mitigate associated expenses. Cost savings achieved by addressing the problem swiftly far outweigh the potential costs incurred by delaying action.”

Read the article, “Leak Repair: Quick Response and Detection Technology Are Key.”