Facility Executive: Keys to Starting an Apprenticeship Program

April 14, 2023
David Hogland's headshot and the Facility Executive logo.

ESFM President David Hogland recently wrote an article for Facility Executive highlighting learnings from ESFM’s growing Apprenticeship Program.

Hogland is passionate about creating the same kinds of advancement opportunities he has enjoyed, starting his career as a welder’s apprentice and working his way up to president of an integrated facilities management company.

Last year, ESFM launched an Apprenticeship Program designed to offer associates an education, certification, and licensing for trade workers like HVACR technicians, plumbers, and electricians. The program covers the tuition of four-year learning modules and allows associates to learn at their own pace while offering them paid hours to attend to their coursework while at work.

“I remember what it was like wanting to grow in my craft while pursuing a career that would allow me to support myself and my family,” Hogland said. “We have so much talent and dedication within ESFM. This is a program that is close to my heart and one that will hopefully impact many lives.”

Read “4 Keys To Starting An Apprenticeship Program” in the April 2023 issue of Facility Executive.