Facilities Management Advisor: 3 Springtime Tips for Energy Efficiency in HVAC

May 02, 2024
Gary Williams' headshot and the Facilities Management Advisor logo on a graphic for the article.

As life outside gets greener, spring is also a good reminder of the importance of green practices in facilities. HVAC systems use 40-50% of a commercial building’s energy, translating to high energy usage and significant greenhouse gas emissions. However, this also presents ample opportunity to find efficiencies.

ESFM Director of Sustainability & Energy Solutions Gary Williams recently shared a few simple, low-cost ways to be more energy efficient with HVAC systems in an article for Facilities Management Advisor.

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Williams was also a featured speaker at the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE) West Energy Conference & Expo, where he presented “Bringing Sustainability into Your Facility’s Air Leak Program.” With 25-plus years of experience in the energy efficiency field, Williams helps organizations deliver excellence by implementing effective sustainability and energy solutions.