Executive Award honors given to ESFM Puerto Rico Resident Regional Director

June 24, 2024
Pictured left to right: Noel Vargas – President at VMO & Associates Yandia Pérez – PRMA Vice President Luis Marrero – General Manager of Champion Petroleum Inc. PR and East Regional Lead for PRMA Carlos Valdes Eric Santiago – PRMA President

ESFM Resident Regional Director Carlos Valdés received the Executive Award for the Metro East Region at the 2023 Excellence Awards of the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association (Industriales de Puerto Rico).

The distinction recognized his outstanding work, dedication and commitment to serving ESFM’s client partners. Furthermore, the award demonstrates his “invaluable contribution to Puerto Rico,” according to the official award notice.

“Carlos is an exceptional leader with a kind heart and spirit. His commitment to his team and client is unmatched,” ESFM Regional Vice President Melissa Grimes said. “Carlos has a ‘can do’ attitude and his positivity is infectious. When faced with challenging situations, Carlos will evaluate all possible ways to find a solution and partner with his client, suppliers and subject matter experts to help our company and client achieve their goals. He leads with compassion and has an intense focus to ensure the team stays informed, feels valued and creates opportunities for growth. Carlos’ efforts result in the highest rate of retention for both our associate and client partnerships, which is a feat in itself.”

Valdés was formally honored at a special ceremony last month at the Conquistador Resort in Fajardo.

“The Executive Award reflects the passion and commitment that I built on my day-to-day for my team and organization,” Valdés said. “It represents a next step of what we can all achieve if we work collectively. Each of our team members play an important role in our success and the future of our organization. Thanks to each of our executive leaders and clients for trusting me and our team to become the future leaders of IFM [integrated facilities management] in Puerto Rico.”