ESFM joins Association of Energy Engineers as platinum member

January 25, 2023
AEE superimposed over two engineers working on a rooftop.

ESFM is now a Platinum Corporate Member of the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), further investing in its self-performed energy solutions.

“This partnership aligns our talented associates with a global energy community that aims to create a cleaner, brighter future,” ESFM President David Hogland said. “We are proud to have a strong team of experts leading our self-performed integrated facilities management solutions across several areas, including energy solutions and technical services. Driving down utility usage goes a long way in delivering efficiencies toward our clients’ carbon-neutral targets.

“With this membership we look forward to engaging in conversations and learnings that will strengthen our team, contribute to bettering the AEE community and result in better results and savings for our clients.”

The AEE, founded in 1977, is a non-profit professional association of more than 17,000 members and over 32,000 certified professionals in more than 100 countries worldwide dedicated to serving members and other industry professionals to save energy, reduce greenhouse gases, make buildings perform better, and help reach global goals for Net-Zero.

“Our self-performed energy solutions address important challenges our clients are facing,” ESFM Vice President, Technical Services and Energy Solutions John Ramsden said. These challenges range from aging buildings and increasing utility costs to new regulations and corporate sustainability commitments. “As we proactively drive strategic practices for more efficient, reliable buildings, it’s beneficial for us to have access to the AEE’s network for continued growth and development.”

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