ESFM Awarded for Distinguished Safety Performance

May 07, 2024
Leaders from ESFM's team in Puerto Rico accept the Distinguished Safety Performance Award from the PRMA during a summit.

ESFM USA® received the Distinguished Safety Performance Award from the Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association (Industriales de Puerto Rico), celebrating the company’s stellar safety performance. The team has maintained a 0.0 recordable injury rate through 540 days and counting.

“Safety is a company pillar and something we hold in high regard for our associates and the environments they work in, which is why I am thrilled to celebrate this great accomplishment with our team,” ESFM President David Hogland said. “This recognition is a compliment to our leaders who are fostering a strong safety culture and to our associates who have invested in their own understanding, mindfulness and care for workplace safety.”

The Distinguished Safety Performance Award is granted to companies with a recordable injury and illness frequency rate that is 90% or more below the national average for their specific type of industrial operation.

The association presented the award to ESFM leaders during the April 12 Occupational Health and Safety Summit, its largest educational event in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The event recognizes companies with safety and health awards according to their performance in the industry.

“This award proves our hard work and continuous dedication to a safe culture,” Carlos Valdés, ESFM resident regional director, said. “I am more than proud of the ESFM team in Puerto Rico for their commitment to the highest safety standards. We shape our culture around our mission to establish facilities environments that are safe, healthy and sustainable. We embrace this commitment with focus as one team.”

The Puerto Rico Manufacturers Association is a private, voluntary, non-profit organization established in 1928 to unite Puerto Rico’s manufacturers and service industries into a strong and effective body in order to further their mutual interests. ESFM joined the association last year.