Associates showcase artistic talents during Black History Month celebration

February 29, 2024
Photos of Maya Beville and Rav'n Partee on a stylized Black History Month graphic.

As the nation celebrated “African Americans and the Arts” as its theme for Black History Month, ESFM set the stage to spotlight the talents of a few of its associates with a Virtual Art Showcase on Feb. 21, hosted in partnership with Eurest, ESFM’s sister Compass Group sector.

“Art has a way of bringing people together,” ESFM/Eurest Senior Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Natacha Jacque said. “This program provided a space for learning, appreciation and fostering a greater sense of community within our organization. Our lived experiences make us who we are and truly drive how we show up daily. I loved that we were able to showcase a few of our talented associates. The passion and creativity displayed for their respective craft was impressive and I am still floored by the experience. I am thankful for the strong culture of inclusion and belonging we have at ESFM and Eurest and hope to continue to provide opportunities that foster discovery and connection.”

Employees from across both companies enjoyed a time of connection and community as their colleagues shared their passions and demonstrated skills in drumming, photography, spoken word and dance, and pottery.

The Black History Month Virtual Art Showcase also included a special guest: acclaimed choreographer and curator Rashida Bumbray. The Bessie-Award nominee shared educational insights as well as historical inspirations for her works, including the New York Times celebrated ensemble “Run Mary Run.”

Jacque and Bumbray are childhood friends; their conversational reminiscing added a talk-show flavor to the segment.

“When you see your friends making their mark on society in such a positive way, it truly makes you proud,” Jacque said. “Rashida’s work has been named among the New York Times’ best performances of 2012, she was honored by the Met [Metropolitan Museum of Art] and has several more accolades, but through it all, she remains the same humble, genuine, authentic soul that I grew up with in Washington, D.C.”

Meet ESFM’s featured associates:

Maya Beville

Site Manager Maya Beville is part of a West African Drumming Ensemble and showcases elements of nature through her paintings. As we celebrate this year’s Black History Month theme: African Americans and the Arts, she shares how art helps to make the stories and experiences of African Americans stronger:

“I believe music is a universal language and great way to express yourself. Even if the song is in a different language, the vibe of the song still comes through and can be interpreted in different, unique ways.”

Rav’n Partee

“There are aspects of our stories that can only be shared through art.” Rav’n Partee, ESFM Receptionist at a client’s Atlanta, Ga., location, shares how art makes the stories and experiences of African Americans stronger.

“My cultural heritage will always inspire my artistic journey as it is what makes me who I am and directly impacts how and why I do everything. I am inspired to push forward and farther than any limitations or limiting beliefs.”

Every day, ESFM associates (like Beville and Partee) from unique, diverse backgrounds channel creativity, ingenuity and imagination to drive innovation and empower elevated workplaces where people feel inspired and productive.