Women in FM: A Day in the Life, Colette Bettencourt

March 31, 2023
Colette Bettencourt's headshot with a women's history month graphic

Facilities are Colette Bettencourt’s passion, a career that she says chose her during her pursuit of “something more.”

“In this arena, one can truly impact the lives of so many,” she said. “I have always been a person that likes to take the lead. I love to share my experiences with others in hope that it will give them a new perspective.”

As a unit director at a technology client facility in Mountain View, California, Colette oversees several operational aspects, from client relationships to janitorial, landscaping, pest control, secure waste removal and a 24/7, in-house building technician team. Needless to say, she’s constantly benefitting from her FMP (Facilities Management Professional) SFP (Sustainability Facilities Professional) credentials.

Colette’s success has been inspired by her late sister, Faith Heckler Witte, who gave Colette the courage to be authentic and fierce.

“She was the perfect mix of strength and love,” Colette said. “She reached VP status at a very young age in a world where not many women did.”

Colette hopes to pass that strong mentality forward, advising rising female leaders to “be genuine. Don’t try to be anyone but your authentic self. You’ve got this!”

Check out Colette’s “Day in the Life” video below!