LISTEN: Associates create playlist to celebrate APAHM

May 10, 2024
An animated graphic with a variety of musical instruments.

Music may be the “universal language,” but it’s also a beautiful expression of individual and cultural experiences.

Commemorating Asian Pacific American Heritage Month in May, associates who identify with that community joined forces to create a unique and sonically diverse music playlist. The compilation includes everything from traditional folk sounds to pop, Pacific reggae, classic rock and new wave.

Jerome Yalong

“APAHM captures the recognition and respect of Asian culture; the biggest part of it is the acceptance of our values,” Jerome Yalong, ESFM Unit Director for a life sciences client in San Francisco, said. “This really helps to educate and share the richness of our heritage and culture.”

Yalong chose “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” by Tears for Fears to contribute to the playlist.

John Ross Castillo, ESFM Conference Services Coordinator for a life sciences client in Brisbane, Calif., appreciates this platform to “showcase the rich tapestry of Filipino culture alongside other Asian cultures.”

John Ross Castillo

“It fosters dialogue and appreciation for the experiences and perspectives of Asian (and) Pacific Americans. It’s a reminder of the importance of inclusivity, diversity, and unity in our society.”

Castillo offered a few tracks for the playlist, including “Star ng Pasko,” a popular Filipino holiday song.

“Every Christmas we play this song,” Castillo said. “Listening to this song is just very heartwarming and gets you in a lovable mood.

Listen to the playlist: