Women in FM: A Day in the Life, Jazzina Ortiz

March 28, 2023
Jazzina Ortiz headshot with a women's history month collage illustration

Jazzina Ortiz has taken the wheel to drive her team in San Antonio, Texas, to maintain the highest standards of ESFM’s proprietary cleaning program. The self-performed program received CIMS and CIMS-GB with Honors certifications, the highest level awarded.

Jazzina organizes essential duties into binders to ensure department goals are achieved. She wants everyone that she works with to be equipped for success.

“I enjoy helping my team and others around me,” she said.

Her dedication and hard work have been invaluable at the client data center she and her 10-person team service, leading her promotion to Housekeeping Lead earlier this year.

This Women’s History Month, Jazzina said she wants women everywhere to understand that they are uniquely beautiful and important.

“Play to your strengths,” she said. “Empower yourself by understanding your strengths and using them to overcome your weaknesses.”

As a part of ESFM’s Day in the Life series, highlighting the Women in FM, Jazzina documented her start-of-the-workday routine: