Senior Sustainability Director Writes Article for the International Journal of Energy Management

July 10, 2024
The AEE logo and a cover of one of their Journal issues.

ESFM Senior Director of Sustainability & Energy Solutions Gary Williams authored an article published by the International Journal of Energy Management, “Effects of Electric Utility Rates on Sustainability and Energy Efficiency in Industry.” The journal is published by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE), of which ESFM is a Platinum Corporate Member.

The journal’s editor requested the article after Williams spoke about the impact of electric utility rates have on sustainability and energy efficiency in industry at the AEE World conference in October 2023. Williams was also invited to speak at AEE West in May, where he discussed brining sustainability into a facility’s compressed air leak program.

Read the abstract for Williams’ article below. The full article is available online to AEE members.


The escalating trajectory of electricity prices in the United States underscores a critical concern for sustainability and energy efficiency, particularly in the industrial sector. Factors such as aging infrastructure contribute substantially to this trend, necessitating continuous investments in power generation and distribution systems. This article delves into the multifaceted impact of electric utility rates on industrial operations and explores strategies to mitigate the challenges posed by rising costs.

The complexity of electricity pricing dynamics, including diverse generation sources and regulatory frameworks, underscores the need for strategic responses. Energy efficiency and demand response programs emerge as crucial tools for cost mitigation, offering not only savings but also operational enhancements and alignment with sustainability goals.

Benchmarking mandates and incentives provide avenues for improving energy performance and reducing consumption. Collaboration with energy companies and investments in renewable energy further bolster long-term cost management and environmental stewardship. Initiatives such as retro-commissioning and energy treasure hunts leverage technology and grassroots approaches to enhance efficiency and foster sustainability culture. These proactive measures centered on energy efficiency, renewable integration, and cultural shifts offer viable pathways for industries to navigate the landscape of rising electricity prices and their associated challenges while contributing to broader environmental objectives and operational resilience.