Planet Promise Changemakers: Josh Bradley

June 20, 2024
Josh Bradley

ESFM Resident Regional Director Josh Bradley was recently featured by Compass Group’s Global Director of Sustainability as a Planet Promise Changemaker, recognizing associates who go above and beyond to make a difference through sustainability.

Bradley was instrumental in spearheading an initiative that supported a life sciences client in achieving Platinum TRUE certification for zero waste. The process involved meticulous weighing of all waste with careful evaluations and introducing education to drive site-wide awareness to ensure everything was being disposed of properly. As the architect behind implementation, Josh helped drive improved systems and a culture change within the client’s organization.

He is a passionate advocate for sustainability, leading awareness campaigns to generate occupant buy in around waste diversion programs. He has hosted many presentations on the topic, including co-presenting one of the International Facility Management Association’s (IFMA) most-watched webinars in 2023.

Learn more about Josh in this Q&A:

Question: For you, why is making an impact through sustainability important?

Answer: Sustainability-driven impacts are important because it is the way of the future for facilities management. I truly believe this – it’s not just a “California thing.” [Josh resides in California.] With major companies committing to sustainability-driven goals, we need to be ahead of the curve and offer before asked.  

From a personal narrative, I want a cleaner future for my children and want them to be mindful of what is affected by the decisions they make when it comes to sustainability. 

What have been some keys to success in driving sustainability programs?

There are many little wins/successes along the sustainability journey, but the biggest key to success is customer buy-in. Sustainability needs to be a top-down initiative with stakeholders who ultimately lead the culture change. As FMs, we can drive programs or tweak processes to support a sustainable workplace, but if they are met with deaf ears or no audience at all, then did it really happen? 

How do you foster innovation across your team?

Same as above, it is a top-down approach. If I believe in something and implement a new innovation, then I need to sell its importance to my teams. From the salaried managers to the hourly associates, they need to see and trust its importance. Otherwise, it never will get off the ground.  

What does success look like to you?

Success to me has many different forms. 

For example: Is what I built/made strong? Will it last and/or continue after I am gone? Certifications, awards, accolades do not matter if the work never made an impact. 

Also, it’s about the growth of the people I manage. I am a big believer in growing the people around me and promoting from within. My mentor invested so much time into me and I attribute my success to him. He honestly changed my life. I want to be that for everyone who is willing and able. 

What advice would you share for FM leaders looking to improve their sustainability efforts?

Believe in the benefits. Buy-in and learn. Become the expert for your company and the clients you serve. When your efforts are known, and your processes and knowledge are asked for, then your single effort will make a greater sustainable impact then you could ever imagine.