Faces of EHS: Hanne Stahl, EHS Manager

June 12, 2024
Hanne Stahl

Hanne Stahl, an ESFM Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) manager, was featured by EHS Daily Advisor as part of their Faces of EHS series.

Beginning her safety career as a firefighter, Stahl is now responsible for the safety of associates at life sciences and manufacturing facilities throughout the country, with some sites in Canada.  She is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) and a member of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP).

“My late husband, Bob, has been my biggest influence in becoming a safety professional,” Stahl said. “He was a firefighter for 50 years, a CSP, and he taught emergency response, hazmat, and just about anything that involved safety for Homeland Security at the National Fire Academy for more than 25 years. Everything he did involved safety. He was my biggest supporter and encouraged me to step up and do more. He always looked for ways to make it safer for the people around him, whether he knew them or not. The conversation at the dinner table often revolved around safety. My promise to him before his passing was to complete my master’s degree and take my CSP certification, which I am proud to have accomplished.”

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