3 Ways Environmental Gains Led to Significant Savings

April 28, 2023

Whether it’s saving 120,000 in dollars or gallons of water, we know the secret to significantly impacting a company’s ESG commitments and its bottom line is hidden in its building systems.

During Earth Month, we often hear the tagline: “Reduce, reuse, recycle.” ESFM is sharing examples of how we bring that tagline to life with one more “R” word: RESULTS.

Optimized Systems

HVAC systems consume a lot of energy, and by optimizing them, building managers can reduce energy consumption and related greenhouse gas emissions.

Through our self-performed Energy Solutions & Technical Services covering HVAC, compressed air, and steam system improvements, ESFM helped a life sciences client in Waltham, Mass. achieve substantial kilowatt hour (kWh) reduction and approximately $120,000 in annual cost savings. Methods included infrared scanning to detect underground leaks, and installing components, like inductive absorbers, designed to extend the life and reduce maintenance of equipment.

To maximize the impact of their projects, ESFM promotes cross-training and collaboration across disciplines. The team holds weekly meetings where associates can learn about systems that are not part of their day-to-day responsibilities, allowing everyone to bring innovative ideas to the table.

“It’s about tapping into the resources of all of our SMEs,” ESFM Facilities Director David D’Amore said. “Collaboration is key. We get the highest return on investment when that cross-discipline collaboration happens.”

Trash Course

ESFM sorting through trash for a waste audit in Miami.ESFM has helped clients achieve great success with waste diversion programs, including spearheading an initiative that led to the first life sciences company to achieve Platinum TRUE certification for zero waste.

ESFM applied this experience to a budding sustainability program for a telecommunications client in Miami.

The effort took a hands-on approach to waste reduction by conducting a comprehensive waste audit, sorting, weighing, categorizing, and evaluating 700 pounds of trash to produce an actionable report.

“The audit gave us a lot of information to guide next steps in support of our client’s goals,” explained Michael Halady, ESFM Sustainability & Customer Experience Manager. “We were able to hone in on what strategic initiatives we would implement to hit specific targets.”

The report revealed a tremendous opportunity to divert 21% more recyclable items and 35% more compostable material from the landfill, while also reducing recycling contamination by 29%.

Actionable recommendations included:

  • Strategic bin placement
  • Color-coding bin graphics with “what goes where” information
  • Engaging a composting vendor
  • Implementing a communication plan to educate employees

Flowing Up

Pipes diverting rejected water to the roof cooling system.In a world where water scarcity is becoming increasingly prevalent, ESFM is taking action to save thousands of gallons of water each year for a life sciences client in South San Francisco. Through innovative engineering, ESFM has implemented a water diversion system that reroutes water that was previously being wasted and puts it to good use in the building’s cooling towers.

This solution not only saves an impressive 120,000 gallons of water annually but also reduces the amount of city water needed for the cooling towers. ESFM’s team of experts tackled the challenge of rejected water head-on, piping it through thick concrete and repurposing it for a sustainable solution.

The benefits of this project are twofold – less water going out means less water needs to come in, ensuring that the building is doing its part to conserve this precious resource.